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Helping You Teach Music So Students Learn Music Easier

eMedia Music creates award-winning music education software that combines innovative, interactive technologies, with music curriculum from highly qualified instructors. Their music instruction software is used everyday in over a hundred schools and has helped over a million people learn to play. They also distribute music software for schools created by some of today’s most respected music software companies. Whether it’s music education software to teach voice, how to play an instrument (piano, guitar, voice, violin, etc), music theory and ear training, or music notation and production – eMedia makes it easy for teachers to obtain the tools they need.

Flexible Licensing for Music Education

We know that music teachers have different budgets and approaches to teaching music with technology. eMedia offers schools and institutions mulitple licensing options including:

Classroom Licenses – A great way to teach if you have one computer and wish to use a Smart Board or overhead projector to teach a one-to-many music class. Licensed to the school, this license covers IP licenses for presentations, academic support, and includes a discount for students to buy their own software to use at home.

Lab Packs – The solution if you have a school music lab with a small to medium number of computers. This allows school-only use by many students on a single system. Price is based on the number of computers.

School Site License – Schools with many networked computers where students only use the software at school should consider this license. Some solutions include a music student assessment tool to allow centralized assessment for music teachers across the local network.

Cloud Site License (School and Student) – This license provides the most flexibility and allows students to use the software at both home and school. This also can include centralized assessment that lets a music instructor see student progress from even when both the student and teacher are at their own computers at home.

"I am very impressed by the ease of use of the eMedia software. I recommend it ... Adding a computer and eMedia’s software to your guitar or piano lab can add a new dimension to your teaching."

Tom Rudolph Ed. D, (former) President & Founder, TI:ME
Director of Music, Haverford School District, Wallingford, PA