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Want an easy way to tune your guitar?

Get the eMedia Guitar Toolkit for only $4.95!

eMedia Guitar Toolkit

Using an automatic guitar tuner is faster and easier than tuning by ear to a reference note. eMedia’s Automatic Tuner allow you to easily see when a string is in tune by using a microphone connected to your computer (or built-into your monitor, line-in, or USB audio interface). A simple visual indicator displays the string pitch and shows whether you need to tune up or tune down. When the string is in tune the indicator arrow will turn green (as illustrated in the video below).

The eMedia Guitar Toolkit provides you with automatic tuners for guitar and bass as well as other great practice tools including a metronome, guitar chord dictionary, and audio recorder.

Free Online Guitar Tuner/Tuning Reference Notes

LOW (thick)HIGH (thin)


(Click to hear a reference note for tuning your guitar strings.)

A basic and time-honored method used for tuning a guitar string is to tune to a reference pitch. To do this, you:

  1. Find a reference pitch for the same note as your guitar strings. This could be a pitch pipe, tuning fork, piano keyboard, or another guitar string (assuming it’s in tune). However, the easiest way is to use the handy audio files included right here on this page!
  2. Play the string and the reference pitch separately and together. Listen to determine if the string is higher or lower than the reference pitch. Match the sounds by turning the tuning peg for the corresponding string on the guitar. HINT: Start low and tune the string up to pitch so that it does not get stuck in the guitar nut and go flat when you play.
  3. When the guitar string is played along with the reference pitch you will hear a wavering effect (a.k.a., “beating”) when the string is out of tune. The speed of the beating effect slows down as the pitch of the string gets closer to the reference pitch and stops when the string is in tune.
Learning how to play guitar? eMedia includes a guitar tuner and other tools with their award-winning, guitar lesson software.

Each of eMedia’s guitar-related instructional products come with integrated versions of the same great types of practice tools. The Automatic Tuner is just one of many ways eMedia software makes it easier to learn how to play guitar.

If you have any questions, please send an email to eMedia Customer Service.