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Want a guitar chord dictionary and more?

Get the eMedia Guitar Toolkit for only $4.95!

eMedia Guitar Toolkit

The eMedia Music guitar chord dictionary includes fingering charts and audio playback for over 250 guitar chords to make learning new songs easy.

The eMedia Guitar Toolkit provides you with automatic tuners for guitar and bass as well as other great practice tools including a metronome, guitar chord dictionary, and audio recorder.

Free Online Guitar Chord Dictionary

free online guitar chord dictionary

To use the free online chord dictionary, you must have a Java-enabled web browser to see the online guitar chord dictionary. Please update your web browser and come back again.

  1. Click the start button once.
  2. Wait several seconds for the guitar chord window to appear.
  3. After the chord dictionary window opens, choose the guitar chord to display from the popup menu.
  4. You can re-size the guitar chord dictionary window if desired.
  5. Sound recordings of the over 250 chords are available so that you can hear if you are playing a chord correctly. To hear the audio file, click on the guitar chord diagram.

Note: Windows users can take full advantage of this online Java chord dictionary by using the “Clone” option to display more chords on the screen.

Learning how to play guitar? eMedia includes useful guitar tools with their award-winning, guitar lesson software.

Each of eMedia’s guitar-related instructional products come with integrated versions of the same great types of practice tools. The Chord Dictionary in eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method contains over 1000 chords, including chords shown and played for you in three positions on the guitar neck! This is just one of many ways eMedia software makes it easier to learn how to play guitar.

If you have any questions, please send an email to eMedia Customer Service.