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Testimonials from College & University Music Instructors

"I think you have a great system and it supports independent learning. I wish it had been available when I was learning guitar."

Dr. Joyce Jordan, Professor of Music Education and Music Therapy, University of Miami

"I think this is a great product and will use it next spring when the class is offered."

Dr. William Davis, Professor of Music Therapy, Colorado State University

"I reviewed the software over Christmas break and liked it very much. I am requiring Guitar Method in my music methods course this fall."

Dr. Janet Montgomery, Professor of Music Education, University Of Colorado

"I think Guitar Method is wonderful. It is well laid out, easy to follow, attractive and well constructed. I recommend it for all students learning guitar."

Dr. Lizabeth Bradford Wing, Professor of Music Education, University of Cincinnati

"Your software seems logically sequenced and very usable. I think that going through the first 20 lessons or so would get my elementary general music students to about the point I’d want them to be after the first semester of class, and if they got through lesson 30 I’d be delighted."

Dr. Sandra Stauffer, Professor of Music Education, Arizona State University

"I found it to be very helpful for students when they work individually. My main concern was that (on the older version) tempos could not be adjusted to go any faster or slower than recorded. As I look at the new software, it seems that that has been corrected. Since I have been teaching class guitar for many years, I’m always on the lookout for new materials that help the ‘non-guitar-playing’ students become better teachers. Thanks again for your help!"

Dr. Eleanor Meurer, Music Education, Indiana State University

"My students are using the program with enthusiasm. It complements and expands my own curriculum and allows students to explore the benefits of CD-ROM technology."

Ethan Atkinson, Guitar Instructor/Musician, College of the Mainland, Texas

"Guitar Method is great! I can monitor students’ progress, and I can make assignments and have them record themselves to see how they are doing. This technology is right up the alley of what our college is striving for. For me, this would be great for the students who are self-motivated and want to move on. For those students who are not as motivated, they can still learn at their own pace and I can monitor it all much easier. I am excited about this guitar course."

Dr. Charles Yingling, Professor of Music Education, Southwestern University, Kansas

"eMedia Guitar Method is ideal both for students who want to learn guitar on their own and for instructors looking for methods of keeping their students interested and excited about guitar. There is a wonderful balance between popular and folk styles with terrific video and audio examples."

Dr. Ken Ayoob, Professor of Music Education, Humboldt State University; California

"This software is EXCELLENT, good job! Since I’m a guitarist of many years and it was my major instrument through my music degree at CSU in Colorado, I can well appreciate the time and toil and creativity that has gone into such a project. Once again, thank you very much for the privilege of reviewing this terrific program!"

Christine Korb, Professor Music Therapy/Guitar, Marylhurst University; Oregon

"I am very impressed with your software and I do look forward to utilizing it for my instrumental practicum course."

Dr. Jeremy Kurtz, Program Coordinator: Interactive Media Technology, Stark State College, Ohio

"This is the best CAI (computer-assisted instruction) software for the guitar that I have seen. I believe that college students will achieve their musical goals by using Guitar Method."

Dr. Herbert Midgley, Music Technology and Guitar Instructor, S. F. A. State University, Texas

"I have been very favorably impressed with the new eMedia guitar CD ROM you most recently sent my way, and would like to have the bookstore carrying your product."

Dr. Linda M. Berger, Associate Professor of Music, St. Olaf College, Minnesota

"I’ve been teaching at the university level for 20 years, your CD-ROM is perfect for both the class and individual learning environment. Guitar Method offers some of the finest musical tools and pedagogical approaches to the craft of both teaching and learning guitar I have even had the pleasure of using in my classroom and private studio. Thanks for making such a great product available for students and teachers of the guitar. Give us more of the same."

Dr. David Kelsey; Guitar Instructor/Musician; Western Kentucky University, Kentucky

"The guitar software is wonderful. We are going to incorporate this into our secondary general music methods course. I will require each of our students to purchase the software as well as our program will purchase it to place on our existing music lab."

Steven Lyons, Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pennsylvania

"This software is great. I mean great. My students could definitely benefit from using this software. I love how easy it is to use. It’s interactive and fun. I had a great time with it. The diagrams are easy to follow and the video segments are tremendous!"

Felton Offard, Guitar Teacher, Chicago State University, Illinois

"I am impressed with its content, particularly the progression. It is very clear and well thought out! I’m thinking the software might be perfect as a supplementary learning tool for music ed students who need to pass a guitar proficiency exam."

John Arnold, Guitar Coordinator, Moravian College, Pennsylvania

"My college and I both like it and would be willing to recommend it to students. Good job!"

Dr. Dick McGee, Music Department Chair, Community College of South Nevada

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Testimonials from K-12 Music Educators

"I’ve been teaching guitar in my 6th grade classes for about 7 years now. Mid year, I added eMedia Guitar [Method] to my curriculum and my kids love it. The videos of the hand positions for chords are wonderful. I can set my instrument down and go around helping students while the software leads the exercises. I recommend it!"

Scott Rittenhouse, Elementary Music Teacher, Mount Vernon, Washington

"I have been teaching beginning guitar in the middle school for quite some time and, until recently, it had been a very exhausting experience and the depth of instruction was quite limited due to the amount of one-on-one attention required. I was constantly going from student to student correcting improper chord fingerings or demonstrating the correct strumming techniques. Since I started using eMedia Guitar Method the learning in my classroom has dramatically improved. The students can see in ‘real time’ exactly what they should be doing, and review as many times as needed any part of the lesson they are having trouble with. There are many great features, like the chord dictionary and the tuner (which uses the actual sound of each string), which make it a complete learning system. Their sense of rhythm, note reading skills, and overall musical ability as well as their level of interest has more than doubled. I honestly don’t know how I could teach so much about the guitar in such short a time without it!"

Jon Trask, Middle School Music Teacher, William Floyd Schools, Shirley, New York

"Thank you for introducing me and my guitar students to your software. It is a great tool and it makes my during-school guitar classes more interesting. The students are responding very well. Students are also coming to the music room voluntarily during after school music time to play their guitars. They are positively responding to the software and the use of technology. It has tremendously enhanced their learning experience."

Rhoda Montecastro, Middle School Music Teacher, Coalgate Public Schools, Oklahoma

"The program is working very well in my classes. The program is very effective for allowing the students to work at their own pace. I have many students that are very advanced and pick up on ideas quickly, so the program is a good way to allow them to work ahead and pick up new skills. For the less advanced, it is easy for them to practice and have a guided way of improving their skills."

Carolyn Smith, Middle School Music Teacher, Broken Arrow Public Schools, Oklahoma

"I am teaching an intro to guitar class for the first time this year, with no previous guitar experience of my own. I purchased a copy of your Guitar Method for myself this summer to get a jump on playing techniques, and on the strength of my initial experience I recommended the purchase of lab packs for the school system! The program is now the centerpiece of the guitar curriculum; I have been integrating the progressive lessons with the note-reading lessons in the appendix, adding my own theory exercises as supplemental material. The students are progressing rapidly, and response to the program and musical selections has been overwhelmingly positive. The fact that lessons move quickly from folk tunes to pop/rock standards (with the OLGA listings for further exploration) helps to keep motivation high. Overall, a great product for individual use, and a great component of our school guitar class!"

Chris Andrade, High School Music Teacher, Stratford, Connecticut

"I think it is very well designed for the beginner to intermediate player. I think it will be a great help."

Mike Peacock, Guitar Teacher, Wachusett Regional School District, Massachusetts

"Thanks for your concern about my third grade guitar students. Your materials were well received this week. The goal of your product — to learn the guitar while socially participating is both intuitive and relevant for the student of today. Keep up your great endeavor and never lose your focus on the learner. Thanks again and be well.”

Dr. Paul Baker; Third Grade Teacher, Blue Pont Avenue Elementary School, New York

"I am pleased to tell you that I have used your software and continue to use it in my music program. I have been teaching guitar at my school for four years now."

Marian Brown, Middle School Music Teacher, Spring Hill, Tennessee

"Yes, I have looked it over and I am impressed. I will be ordering the program for my students this year when that budget becomes free."

Rodney Cain, Elementary Music Educator, Machesney Park, Illinois

"The kids are having a blast with the software!"

Don Grieser, Guitar Teacher, Pine Hill School, Pine Hill, New Mexico

"Thank you so much for letting me review Guitar Method. Wow, great stuff."

Matthew Kelly, Elementary Music Teacher, Kent School District, Washington

"This program is fantastic. It definitely gives you all of the information a person would need to learn. As for looks and presentation, they have a very good format for your convenience. Things are neatly organized and easy to understand. You have every resource one click away. For one CD, it certainly gives you what you pay for."

Terry Armitage, North America Representative, Registry of Guitar Tutors

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Testimonial from a Home Schooler and Professional Reviewer

"... I was thrilled with the opportunity to review this product [eMedia Guitar Method]! Both of my daughters had received guitars for Christmas. We had no idea where to even start, as far as learning how to play them. My 14-year-old took one guitar lesson at a local music store. She was not impressed; she felt that the teacher moved too fast. She wanted me to learn with her, so I found a guitar and bought it for myself. Now we had three guitars in our home and were clueless as to how to play them. We couldn’t even tune them. So when eMedia Guitar Method arrived in the mail, we were so excited to get started.

The first time we sat down at the computer with our guitars, we were able to tune them on our own! With a simple microphone, we got our guitars tuned in a matter of minutes. Now we were getting somewhere! After just a few more minutes, we were playing several chords and even a few simple songs. My parents, who had purchased the guitars for the girls, said they would be happy to hear us play a Christmas song by the holidays. After two lessons, we could play ‘Silent Night’ with confidence! By Christmas, our repertoire should be much expanded...

... I really cannot say enough good things about this program. The instructor is excellent and very understandable. At a price of $59.95, this program is comparable to just a few weeks of guitar lessons and covers so much more than could be learned in those few lessons. I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed with this program. We have only covered the first 26 of the 164 lessons. I can only imagine how much more we have to learn and how much more confident we will become. Though not designed specifically for homeschoolers, eMedia Guitar Method is an ideal addition to any home learning program, and would be great for self-starters who have a desire to learn guitar. The many hours of guitar lessons and practice can be easily converted to music credit for any high school course. I would highly recommend this program and will definitely be telling friends about it."

Heidi Strawser, E-Book Reviews Specialist & Marketing Assistant, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2008

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Case Studies

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method

Skyline College (San Bruno, CA)

Robert Millar, Teacher

“I have used the eMedia Beginning Piano CD-ROM package for several semesters in my beginning and intermediate piano classes at Skyline College. The classes are conducted in a Yamaha lab setting, and I am able to project the material from my computer screen to a TV monitor at the front of the classroom for instructional purposes. In addition, the students are required to purchase the software and use it in the classroom on their own laptop computers or, if they do not have a laptop, to print out the materials at home and bring them to class in a paper format. With the reinforcement of the software package, I find that I am able to spend more of my in-class time clarifying the course concepts and coaching students in hands-on applications of technical details rather than spending quite so much time introducing new materials. It is a distinct advantage that they are then able to work with the software at home in their efforts to assimilate the information and perfect their skills.

Students seem to profit greatly from the use of the software because it acts as sort of a second teacher or coach that they can take home with them and consult whenever they need to do so, complete with auditory examples of correct performances of the pieces they are working on. The availability of tempo modification in recorded examples, a metronome tool, and a tool to highlight specific trouble spots for special practice, are especially helpful. This measure of extra instruction aids students in coming to grips with the course material more quickly than has been the case in previous classes without the use of the software.

Overall, I have found the eMedia package to be a valuable addition to my piano course.”

SoundTree (Melville, NY)

Tom Rudolph, Teacher

Tom Rudolph is the Director of Music and a middle school classroom and instrumental music instructor for the School District of Haverford Township, Havertown, Pennsylvania. He is an adjunct assistant professor at The University of the Arts, and President of the Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME).

SoundTree Piano and Keyboard Method Evaluation

eMedia Guitar Method

Wayne County High School Guitar Lab

Wayne County High School (Jesup, GA)

Ken Weidner, Teacher

“Ken Weidner’s music students at Wayne County High School are not the traditional chorus and band students. These students are flocking to his Music Technologies/History of Rock and Roll, and Guitar classes. Through the use of innovative technology integration, he is reaching a much larger range of students...”

Sanger Academy Charter School (Sanger, CA)

Mary Wilson, Teacher

In a rural school district in central California, where migrant populations are high and English is most commonly a second language, students are learning not only reading, writing and arithmetic, but guitar as well. Through a charter, one school in Sanger Unified is a magnet for visual and performing arts students. One of the classes at Sanger Academy is learning to play guitar using eMedia Guitar Method software. Instrumental music instruction does not normally begin for students until fifth grade, but with the Guitar Method software, one third grade teacher has taken advantage of technology and brought music into her room. Students log onto the software program and record their progress in a logbook. Upon completion of certain chapters of the software, the teacher then gives hands on guitar lessons in class. With loaned guitars and a little practice, students have shown remarkable progress and their musical abilities are rapidly increasing. "I am amazed at how quickly they learn, not only from me but from the software program. It really enhances their creative abilities and prepares them for more formal guitar instruction in fifth grade." says Mary Wilson, third grade teacher. Students can use the software at their own pace, and advance according to their ability. After using the program for a few months, students have gone from musical illiteracy to understanding a whole new world of notes, chords, and harmonies.


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