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eMedia Piano For Dummies v2

150+ Beginner Piano Lessons


2010 Best Tools for Schools - The Best Intermediate Teaching Tool – School Band and Orchestra Magazine

Learn fast with this effective, multimedia tutorial!

Learn Piano Today with Piano For Dummies - the Piano Software That Makes Beginner Piano Fun!

Piano For Dummies lets you take piano lessons at your own pace, in your own home. Learn piano the fun way! Piano For Dummies combines “For Dummies” attitude with eMedia Interactive Feedback piano software technologies to help you learn faster.

Easy piano songs in a multitude of styles – from Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” to Bach’s Minuet in G – keep you interested. eMedia piano software helps you learn piano basics with over 150 easy-to-follow piano lessons by Irma Irene Justicia, M.A., who has taught at the renowned Juilliard School of Music. Learn piano today with this critically acclaimed beginner piano tutorial.

Features include:

  • eMedia’s Animated Keyboard to see the correct notes and fingerings for each of the piano lessons.
  • Interactive Feedback with Note and Finger Tracker technology. The piano software listens to your melodies and shows whether you’re playing them correctly on both electronic keyboards and acoustic pianos.
  • Beginner piano tutorials to help you learn piano and music basics like tempo, rhythm and reading piano notes (music notation).
  • Over 30 video piano lessons, some with split screen to show piano fingerings and hand positions.
  • Interactive Evaluation to score you on the notes you played correctly or incorrectly (MIDI keyboard required).
  • Easy piano songs and piano lessons are provided as both audio tracks and variable-speed MIDI tracks to let you slow down or speed up the music. Hard to learn piano right and left hand parts? Listen to them separately with this great piano software!
  • Over 50 popular piano pieces to help you start building the list of piano songs you know.
  • Integrated metronome for rhythm, plus a recorder that allows you to listen back to your playing for evaluation.

Beginner piano lessons have never been easier than with Piano For Dummies. It’s an infinitely patient, 24/7 personal tutor in piano software.

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Note: Piano For Dummies Levels 1 and 2 together are roughly equivalent to the contents of eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method.

eMedia Piano For Dummies Deluxe
Also available as eMedia Piano For Dummies Deluxe, a 2 CD-ROM set
featuring both Piano For Dummies Level 1 and Level 2!

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