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What reviewers are saying...

4.5 out of 5 - PC Magazine

Top Ten Reviews Gold Award

"simple to use... great piano software."

"The thought and effort put into this application are amazing. It is very usable, pedagogically sound and enjoyable to use."

Douglas Matheson, Mac Smart

"An impressive and thorough piano teaching program."

American Music Teacher Magazine

"This is the most comprehensive piano method we have ever seen anywhere... We tried out the method and within no time we were actually playing songs, something that we had no idea we would be able to do so quickly. It is simply amazing."

Music News

"We found the software well planned and effective—progress was quick."

Jeanette Borzo, The Wall Street Journal

"4 Apples We recommend it for a refresher or as an economical course for beginners."


"As a piano teacher, I am initially skeptical when looking at programs for self instruction, but with eMedia’s Piano and Keyboard Method I was pleasantly surprised. I recommend it for both youth and adults."

Performing Songwriter

"A computer program that helps make practice productive."

Clavier Magazine

"4 out of 5 stars... very straightforward and easy to understand..."

"This is a fantastic course... I’d advise both students and teachers to check this out. It’s an easy and fun way to either teach yourself or add to your own program."

James Rushin,

What customers are saying...

"I highly recommend the product as a gift to anyone willing to learn, age 3-100."

Dan Williams of Oak Park, MI

"The best and only method for a person like me, an absolute beginner. Simply perfect."

Javier Garcia Monedoro of Estepona, Spain

"Just writing this message to say thanks. 3 Months ago I decided to buy a keyboard. A week later I looked on Amazon for a program to teach me how to play. I have been working on the program at least an hour a day for the last three months! All i ever want to do is play! I was just playing! I see music in my head when just three months ago i considered myself tone dead! I can not think you guys enough, I feel more relaxed and generally more happy these days all because a genius team of people created this program for under $100, in todays rough economy it's back to basics and now i have this wonderful gift. Sorry to drag on but really, THANK YOU!!!"

David Lewis

"I purchased the program to learn sight reading. I have been trying to learn to sight read for years. The interactive feedback is great!"

David Boatain of Tampa, FL

"I am quite pleased with the quality of instruction. The instant feedback works great. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about taking up a keyboard or piano!"

Todd Goul of Indianapolis, IN

"Excellent feedback. Really helps."

Lily Kilburn of Westerville, OH

"Loving every minute of it. My dog and the cats are loving it too. Now all I need is some piano playing to go with my lyrics which I’m working on, thanks to eMedia. I received my eMedia for Christmas. Thank You eMedia very much!"

Allen Kipp of Milwaukee, WI

"Great program. Love it. Would recommend to anyone."

James Morelli of South Bend, IN

"It has been very very helpful in my quest to learn to play the piano."

George of Gahanna, OH

"It makes learning and motivating myself to practice easier."

Joseph Maxwell of Shelbyville, TN

"Very easy to understand – play and sing along extremely helpful – options for learning notes are a great help – progress is obvious when using the Keyboard Method – this is a wonderful product."

Helen Troia-Shear of Vineland, NJ

"This method is great. I can work on it whenever I have time. You can play a song relatively quickly and so there is good personal reward. I love the feedback on your performance as you can set a standard for yourself."

Cheryl Poussard of Hampstead, NH

"I have enjoyed so far the lessons in this program. I am looking forward to finishing the program although I have a long way to go. I am learning music too ... so far I have found it to be very forthright and simple to understand."

Ellis Shook of Kent, WA

"Love it! Better than expected and I’m learning very fast. Everything I could’ve wished for and then some. The price of one or two lessons paid for everything!! Totally hooked."

Anthony Shrope of Las Vegas, NV

"Great way to learn how to play piano. It is really easy. I just love it and enjoy practicing with this Method."

Flor Martinez of Seattle, WA

"After trying several other piano courses that offered a CD to listen and practice with, I find this method of learning is much like having a personal teacher. The piano course and my MIDI keyboard and computer interact for a great experience."

Ron Ross of Point, TX

"eMedia software for piano is an easy to understand and easy to learn program. I love to be able to work at my own pace. Excellent! and Awesome!"

Alison Byers of Shelton, WA

"I have never played a musical instrument nor do I read music, and I am having a great time learning!"

Lisa Hansen of Racine, WI

"Great product, well paced. I’ve always wanted to learn Piano but I don’t have time to take private lessons. This product was highly recommended and a well priced. I definitely see progress. I’ve been very happy. Thank you."

Joshua Tuff of Rowley, MA

"Excellent program! Easy to use! Easy to learn!"

Alison Byers of Shelton, WA

"Well made course. Doesn't wait too long before introducing both hands into playing. Great backward correction with connected MIDI keyboard, which doesn't give you 100% unless you play the piece using intended tempo."

Jan Fiser of Liberec, Czech Republic

"Needs [an] arm to pat you on your back when you do good. Otherwise excellent."

Peter Butterworth of Carmichael, CA

"I’ve been very happy with my progress using the eMedia Piano Method. I struggled between taking live lessons to a computer package, but this really fit the bill for me. I love the instant feedback and looping. My piano playing is just beginning!"

Don of McHenry, IL

"Very well-done program which takes the user from the very basics of music to a level at which he/she can play great-sounding pieces of music and a solid desire to progress even more."

Dzung Pham of Orlando, FL

"It’s helpful that the pace of the lessons are slow and you learn different aspects of playing gradually."

Colleen Leader of Leominster, MA

"The Step by Step progression is what makes it to easy to understand."

Donna Martinez of Newtown Square, PA

"The software is very helpful for learning how to play piano."

Arthur Wallace of San Rafael, CA

"Having full control of what to practice and how to practice it via the software interface (with looping, temp control, audio selection, error tracking and scoring) is much more flexible, informative and rewarding than practicing from CDs or DVDs."

Robert Sauve of Embrun, ON

"Very easy to use, and the Instant Feedback on playing makes [for] learning good playing habits from the beginning."

John Kopp of Marina, CA

"Still at the beginning stages, but enjoying it so far. Love the rating feedback system."

Greg Dunlap of San Diego, CA

"As I learn the basics, it is nice to have the ability to progress at my own pace and as time allows."

Edward Lopez of Albuquerque, NM

"Outstanding piano course, very user friendly."

Michael Mascelli of Morton, PA

"I have learned so much from this program. I had no keyboard experience, and it is amazing how quickly I’ve progressed. It proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks (I’m 55). I would highly recommend this product!!"

Emmert Lind of Morrill, NE

"I have tried over the years to learn piano with expensive lessons and on my own. By far this is the best value for the money. After playing 140 lessons on my keyboard. I find I recognize notes when I sit down at the piano, very enjoyable."

Stephen Thomas of Portland, OR

"Great fun! The range of music is quite nice as well."

Rob of Greenfield, MA

"I enjoy it, and I sing along."

Claire Lorain of Los Angeles, CA

"Very good version... enjoying."

John Sama of Las Vegas, NV

"I find it so simple and easy to practice and learn with eMedia Piano and Keyboard. I think I’ll buy the intermediate piano version. Thank you."

Alain Leroux of Port St. Lucie, FL

"This is by far the best piano tutor program I’ve found so far."

Ron Largett of Warsaw, VA

"An excellent and expeditious piano learning method for all ages. Thank You."

Jimmy Ng of Troy, New York

"This is an excellent program. I turned off the note name option very early and realize that I am well into Sight Reading. I enjoy my lessons very much!"

Russell Haynes

"Best learning device that one can imagine. I’m 76 yrs old and retired, and I KNOW that I can learn to play the piano using your method. It is the best way to learn ever devised!"

Michael Douglas of Bronx, NY

"I couldn’t have learned piano without it. More practice music per section would be the only improvement."

Adam of Connecticut

"Excelente. Muy buen método."

Hugo Quiros Abarca of San José, Costa Rica

"I am having a great time learning to play the piano! I love the fact that it scores my performance. I shoot for a minimum of 97 before I move on to the next lesson. I love this software! My only suggestion would be to increase the volume. Thanks!"


"Great course!! I am learning, and it is fun."

Carter Scites of Maricopa, AZ

"The piano program is really improving my playing!"

Jonathan Connor of Addison, VT

"I like how it shows you which places you’ve made mistakes in the measures so you know where to make corrections. It’s far more helpful than any chord and note book."

Shawn Meade of St. Paul Park, MN

"I am really enjoying your course. It is very informative and easy to follow."

Pamela R. of Donalsonville, GA

"I just started from zero, and it is just perfect. As it says, don’t move forward unless you have fully mastered the former lesson. I am learning alone, but it is like in a music school. You just have everything you need here to musicaly grow daily."

Thierry Feutsu of Frankfurt am Main, Germany

"This software is magnificent!"

Gina Kowalski of Ballston Spa, NY

"Instructor is great." "I am so enjoying it. Feels like she is sitting beside me."

Edward Morrissey of Kent, WA


Sharon Hill of Jasper, AL

"I’m 53 years old and never played or studied music before. I’ve always wanted to but didn’t want to go to a studio for piano lessons. This works great for me, and I am learning at my own pace. So far it's been easy to understand and having some fun."

Jim Sullivan

"Really enjoy the course. It is a great way to learn."

Carter Eugene Scites of Maricopa, AZ

"Love the app. Very useful. Love the features where i can slow it down and repeat."

Hector Colon of Bradenton, FL

"The program makes learning how to play the piano feel fun and easy."

Orlando Ravelo of Opa-Locka, FL

"I have attempted to learn to play the piano through various avenues, and I must say that I have certainly made the most advancement in playing ability by way of this program. Thank you."

Aaron of Baltimore, MD

"I originally bought this software on CD about 10 years ago with a previous keyboard. I loved it! Now I have a Mac and a new 88-key keyboard, and I am still loving your software. REAL keyboard lessons at MY convenience."

Jim Shearer of San Jose, CA

"So far it seems quite ordered and logical. I like the ability to learn on my schedule and at my pace."

David Cottingham of Aurora, IL

"I have loved it so far. It is easy to follow, and the feedback from the MIDI is amazing."

Kelley Kramer of Socorro, NM

"Allows me to work at my own pace."

John Moore of Mt. Kisco, NY


Jay Hinson of Smyrna, DE

"I wasn’t sure software would be as effective teaching me to play piano, as a human teacher. However, this program is very well thought out, always challenging me to become a better musician. If you practice consistently, you will see results."

Jonathan Gluck of Chesapeake, VA

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