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eMedia My Guitar DVD

DVD Video + Bonus Downloadable Software!

Gary the Guitar
It’s easy and fun to learn with Gary the Guitar!
Gary explains how, the videos show how, and the screens present the songs. Learn how to tune your guitar, strum chords, play tunes, and more. Learn many fun songs that you and your friends can sing along with!

Research has proven that children who play an instrument do better in school, make friends more easily, are more creative, learn self-discipline and gain self-confidence. In eMedia My Guitar, an animated character named Gary the Guitar leads kids through 60 lessons by Kevin Garry, Ph.D. My Guitar covers the basics such as tuning your guitar and learning chords, and moves on to reading music, playing songs, and much more. eMedia’s Animated Fretboard shows you where to put your fingers as the live recorded audio plays. Special features such as our Automatic Tuner, Metronome, Chord Dictionary, and Digital Recorder are available as separate downloads to registered customers. eMedia My Guitar is the perfect way to introduce children to playing guitar!

Ages 5 and up.

Run time approx: 90 minutes

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