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What reviewers are saying...

"... learn to play blues guitar standards that make you a confident blues guitarist... Just buy it already."

John Shelton, Ivany’s Top 21

What customers are saying...

"This program helped me to get better and better. I have always wanted to know the notes and chords to some of my favorite blues songs."

Pete of San Diego, CA

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar is an updated and
improved version of eMedia Blues Guitar Legends.
Here’s what reviewers have said about Blues Guitar Legends...

"eMedia’s latest guitar course lets you follow in the frets of Robert Cray, B.B. King, and The Allman Brothers Band... with 10 recordings ready to be speeded up, slowed down, looped, and eventually mastered."

Dave Ross, CBS Radio Network’s “Chip Talk”

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"eMedia has some of the coolest software to help budding fretmasters learn their trade...When eMedia states on their box that this is 'the easiest way to learn Blues Classics,' they’re not kidding...this is the easiest program that I have found yet to learn my favorite tunes."

KAOS2000 Magazine

"Hey, they've finally figured it out!...[ Blues Guitar Legends ] is probably the best guitar instructional piece I’ve ever seen."

“Big Daddy” Brian Kiernan, Blues Access

"Freakin’ Awesome!" "The fun you’ll have with eMedia’s Blues Guitar Legends might chase the blues away as it teaches you to play some of its greatest hits."

Narasu Rebbapragada, Mac Addict

"For guitar players who want to improve or guitar hopefuls who want to learn the basics... Blues Guitar Legends is hundreds of dollars worth of guitar lessons for only $29.95" "Best of all, it’s a lot of fun."

Michael Thelin, TechTV

"Perfect for someone who wants to learn, listen and enjoy."

The Dallas Morning News

"I used to fret over frets... Now we can all strum and hum like several of the blues greatest artists with (eMedia’s) new release, Blues Guitar Legends."

Mike Berman, Scripps Howard News Service

"Everyone knows someone who's into the guitar and if they are on your gift list, consider eMedia’s Blues Guitar Legends."

Computer Source

"[ Blues Guitar Legends ] shows you both lead and rhythm parts, and you might actually pick up a few tricks or licks if you’re paying attention... ultimately, everybody learns from studying and imitating his heroes."

John Strausbaugh, New York Press

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