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2012 Award Nominee - Music and Sound Retailer   Category: Best Instructional Book/Video

eMedia Interactive Rock Guitar is an updated and
improved version of eMedia Rock Guitar Method.
Here’s what reviewers have said about Rock Guitar Method...

"This is one box it’s OK to get stuck inside"

Guitar One Magazine

"Keeps any would-be rocker more interested and motivated than other teaching aids that, by comparison, come off as tedious."

Barry Rudolph, Music Connection

"No wonder eMedia’s the world’s best-seller"

Hit Parader

"A superior product that helps beginners and intermediates to become better rock guitarists. 5 out of 5 Rating"

John Nemerovski,

What customers are saying...

"Love it!"

John Franklin of Haughton, LA

"Very Easy to use and understand lessons. Helps me learn at my own pace. Interactiveness is a big plus. Keep up the good work."

John Orchard of San Antonio, TX

"Great learning tool for the beginner or as a refresher course for someone who has not played in a while."

Richard Brabeck of Rockford, IL

"I’ve only been using this for two days now. Put about 6 hours into and am really loving the progress I’m making because of this software."

Adam Bicknell of Camp Lejeune, NC

"Love the Rock version! Just what I was looking for: real songs, real music."

Brian Whittaker of Toronto, ON

"This tutorial is an excellent tool for building a strong foundation for beginner and intermediate guitar players. Can’t wait for the next tutorial for intermediate to advanced players."

Ron Radzinsky of Howell, NJ

"I have been playing for a while but I think it is a good product, and even a vet like myself likes to dabble a bit."

Peter Brewing of Baxter Corner, NB

"Been trying to play for at least a year, and this is getting me going and keeping me going. Absolutely love the teaching format."

Thomas Black of Clarksville, TN

"So far it seems to be a very good tool and a lot less expensive than music lessons with a music teacher."

Dave Lanteigne of Alberta, CA

"Great piece of interactive software. Very enjoyable to use."

Robert Greener of Meridian, ID

"Great product, easy to follow... will walk you through the songs, and you can play along with their – what I call guitar karaoke. I really enjoy this product."

Jaime Vanegas of Norfolk, VA

"This is a great way to learn. I have tried many other computer, online and DVD programs and always grew bored with them. This one keeps you motivated and the song are good."

Brian Conter of Tinton Falls, NJ

"This software is great! It’s really helping me learn to play my electric guitar. Thank you for making these helpful lessons. :)"

Joshua Ralph of Suffolk, VA

"Quite good products!!!"

Sergio Gomez Balmon of Madrid, Spain

"This software has really helped me in learning to read music and understand music theory as I learn to play great songs."

Rob Clagg of Auburn, GA

"Great product! It has helped me learn to read music and understand scales & chords more than the last 5 books I’ve purchased."

Mike Carrabba of Naples, FL

"I learned a lot from this, thanks to you."

Nikita Malinovsky of Lafayette, CA

10 out of 10. "... better than Rocksmith."

James Cochran of Colorado Springs, CO

"Great learning tool. Love the songs that are taught."

Jeffrey Vogel of Hamilton, OH

"Great way to learn. Lets you get to learning songs you want to play right away."

Gary Gamble of LaPlace, LA

"This program is great for someone who never really played a guitar."

Glenn Spracklin of Loudon, TN

"Great program. Wish I had bought it earlier."

Keith Hookland of Newport News, VA

"Teaches you the basics and gets you up and playing in no time at all."

Chris Freeman

"Courses like this allow you to work at your own pace and not pay an ongoing lesson fee. As someone with a bit of experience, I have the flexibility to start from the beginning or find a spot to start from and move forward."

Rick Sando of Havertown, PA

"Great for a beginning rock guitar player."

Robert Sauve of Embrun, OH

"Great tool for me. I enjoy learning the guitar. Trying to find enough time is my biggest issue. Love the ease of the program. Very satisfied."

Michael Buesing of Gothenburg, NE

"So far so good. I love the mix of videos, tabs, fretboard animation, and playalong possibilities. The choice of songs is also great. An excellent, fun way to learn."

Matt H

"It’s a great way to learn how to play the guitar."

Mario Martinez of Mexico

"This program is perfect for what I want to learn. I haven’t gotten that far yet, but I’m looking forward [to] advancing in the lessons."

Kyle Olson of Minneapolis, MN

"Even though I’ve only been using this program for a short time, I feel I’ve learned quite a bit in just a short period of time. This program is great!!!"

James Cramer of Clovis, CA

"This study course gives an excellent learning experience. It is well presented and the graphics help you understand the lessons like the instructor was in the room with you."

Mike Onda of Pontypridd, Wales

"This has been the best software I have used."

Brian McColley of Indianapolis, IN

"Love the ability to learn at my own pace."

Hunter Galofaro of Poquoson, VA

"Great program. Just started re-learning guitar after a 45 year break. Wish I had this back in 1965."

Richard Rodden of Lexington, SC

"Very enjoyable and easy to navigate. Learned a lot."

Ken Hodgson of Baltimore, ON Canada

"Very good lessons for a beginner attempting to teach him/herself. Couldn’t be more satisfied for the price of the lessons."

Joshua Vinglish of Patton, PA

"I’m really enjoying this package. Every step is very clear and concise. My fingertips hurt so it’s working : ). I've always tried to learn on my own with books...HA! This is really working, and I’m playing songs! I’ve never gotten this before."

Don Wells of Bedford, TX

"It is the best, and I am glad that it was here so that I could learn [from] it."

Keith Stokes of Acworth, GA

"The design of the lessons are very well thought out to help me build on what I’ve already learned in previous lessons."

Christopher Blackburn of Temple, TX

"Interactive Rock Guitar is so much fun to learn guitar with. I like the idea of starting out with chords first and having all the features this software provides. Best learning tool I know of."

Shawn Meade of St. Paul Park, MN

"I like that it’s easy to pick up and in the first 15 min you’re playing along with a song even if it is only 2 chords, but it keeps you wanting to keep going and learning more."

Eric Hunter of Central Square, NY

"For raw rookies, my grandson and myself are finding the experience entertaining and very helpful."

Massimo Segreto

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