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What reviewers are saying...

"This is the ultimate way to learn how to play guitar! You learn at your own pace, and it’s easy for anybody."

Peter Frampton, guitar superstar

Top Ten Reviews Gold Award

"Guitar Method from eMedia is the simply the best and can teach you to play quicker than any other product we have seen..."

"I used to teach guitar, and eMedia’s Guitar Method is the greatest because it centers around playing songs. And if it’s not about playing songs, what’s it about?"

Nancy Wilson, guitarist/vocalist of the rock band, Heart

PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice  PC Magazine's 4 out of 4 Picks  Editor's Choice + 4 (out of 4) "Picks" – PC Magazine

"One of the best music tutorials I’ve seen... Guitar Method can help you become an accomplished journeyman guitarist."


"Everything you need to know to start strumming away."

Kim Komando,

"An instructional title worth pickin’"

Billboard Magazine

"5 Stars More than just music... my favorite feature is the built-in 'tape recorder' which allows you to record your performance and replay it. Ideal instruction for beginners."

Toronto Sun

"You could spend a lot more on guitar lessons, an electronic tuner, a chord book and a metronome, and still not get as much as you might out of this."

Boston Globe

"Before you know it, you’ll be an international star."

Discovery Channel

"Could keep a budding Eric Clapton or Chet Atkins busy for many months, which is more than can be said for most computer games on the market these days."

Halifax Herald

"I’ve been playing guitar for 35 years, and this is the best beginning program that anyone wanting to play guitar could own."

Greg Heigh, WWBA Radio (Tampa, FL)

"For those who not only want to appreciate an art form but take part in it..."

Consumer’s Digest

"eMedia Guitar Method is the easiest way to learn guitar. I really cannot say enough good things about this program."

Heidi Strawser, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine (read the full review)

What customers are saying...

"Had been plucking around for a couple of years and not getting anywhere. Within one month of following this program I have made great progress. Excellent program."

Allan Chatel of Quebec, Canada

"My teacher marvels at my progress."

Donald Beggs

"I enjoyed learning the cords and playing a song right away. The whole experience is rewarding."

Lisa Nagy of Moorpark, CA

"It’s very nice to step through slowly with the basics and progress quickly onto useful songs."

Peter Keenan of Hong Kong, China

"I enjoy the idea of step by step instruction, learning at my own pace. And with this product there are so many lessons to look forward to learning. It seems to have been a good investment."

David Jones of College Park, MD

"What a great product you have. Please make an advanced guitar method. Once I finish Guitar Method I will definitely be moving onto Intermediate."

Jon Hawkins of Richmond, MO

"Fantastic! I’ve never touched a guitar and this application is very good at explaining all the techniques and basics."

Jeff Smith of St. Charles, IL

"Great program for learning guitar. I combine this with finding songs on the Internet that I like to learn. Learning guitar has been a fun journey. Thank you!"

Doug Horsley of Scottsdale, AZ

"Nice program, much more affortable than private lessons. I’m satisfied."

Aaron Kellerman of Pembroke, MA

"I am just learing to play the guitar after 46 years. I find that eMedia is easy to understand and easy to follow. I also have a 9 year old that is learing to play, and she is also finding the method easy to follow. Thanks eMedia!"

Andy Pfister of Terre Haute, IN

"It’s the greatest way to learn, and I have experienced different kinds of courses. Yours is the best. With all the options available, you made learning a breeze. Thank you."

Lyne Côté of Laval, Quebec

"I love this program!"

Jake Bryan of Scottsville, VA

"It’s great. Honestly! I’ve always wanted to learn how to play, but my life and crazy work schedule always made it difficult to do anything i wanted. Now i can learn the guitar at my own speed when i get the free time. Thank You very much!"

Joshua H. of Union City, CA

"I love the Method series of software. Simple, very easy to follow and understand."

Dennis Blankenship of Charlotte, NC

"The option of not having to start and stop a CD or DVD makes this easy. Being a ‘program’ and not just something to play in the computer makes all the difference."

George Farah of Nags Head, NC

"An excellent tool for self paced learning. I love it."

Leo Hogan of Fitzroy, Victoria

"Love this program. I’ve been using it for two days now, and I never thought I would do as well as I am doing."

Michael Conrad of Ocala, Florida

"Great product – thanks a lot :-)"

Bjarke Fog of Denmark

"The Program has helped me tremendously. I can play and enjoy singing when I am having fun with my friends. Thank you!!"

Jesus Hernandez of Chimayo, NM

"Enjoying the product. Very easy to use."

Greg Brown of CA

"This is my third trip thru eMedia guitar, and I keep finding new stuff each time. Thank you. I have already purchased Intermediate and can’t wait to get to it!"

Billy Williams of Modesto, CA

"So far I am learning a lot from this software."

David Curtis of Afton, NY

"I am enjoying this software a lot. It provides exactly the kind of structure that I need to keep practicing. The exercises are good. Being able to play along with songs is really helpful."

Tom B. of Berkeley, CA

"This program is really great for beginners."

Saul Augustine of Boston, MA

"I like the song choices."

Faith Jessome

"It seems to work well for me. I’m happy with my progress. It has been the only form of coaching I’ve had so far, and I’m feeling more confident in my playing."

Dean Alexander

"I am enjoying Guitar Method very much."

Mark Caroll of Columbus, OH

"Makes me want to keep learning more."

Catalina Petersen of Rockville, MD

"It is very impressive. Easy to follow, many helpful hints, repeatable sections, play-along finger tracker, chord dictionary, and so much more. Excellent product."

Ralph Andrews of Prospect Park, PA

"I have recommended the course to several people. It’s great because it makes practicing fun. And it covers a lot of material."

Greg Savino

"I like your program because it teaches simple songs [right] anyway and takes away the drudgery of practice practice practice."

Leo Walding of St. Paul, MN

"It’s been really useful. My son took lessons for a few months and didn’t make as much progress as with eMedia. Thank you!"

Jennifer Wallace of Garner, NC

"I find this course to be structured very well for making quick progress. After 3 weeks for my fingers to develop hardness on the ends I find that I'm progressing about 10 pages per day."

Bob Miller of Manchaster, NJ

"I really like the way the lessons teach me. I’m able to learn quicker and enjoy playing the guitar."

Ellie Cumming

"Awesome, the way you teach."

John Prater of Perrysburg, OH

"Excellent way to learn guitar. I’m already playing chords and a few songs. I look forward to my lessons every day. Will want more rock songs later though. Great lessons."

James Buscemi of Maynard, MA

"Being able to hear and see the music has really helped me understand the music and how to play."

Porter Holmgren

"I needed a way to get ahead fast. Your program came highly recommended. Love it."

Carl Bretzke of Edmonton, Alberta

"I love this program, it has helped me expand my guitar skills and learn some fun songs."

Wade Doty of Seattle, WA

"I like the way it’s set out in small easy steps."

Alan Brooks of Edinburgh, UK

"I like the videos when learning new lessons, and that it congratulates you when you finish a lesson."

Joseph Soliday of Westminster, MD

"Pretty easy to follow and flowed well with my experience level."

Dan Anderson of Marysville, WA

"Great way to learn and have fun by actually playing songs at an early stage."

Gord Lawson of Markdale, Ontario

"An excellent way to start learning to play."

Charles of Seattle, WA

"Great option for those without time in their schedule to commit to a weekly appointment with a teacher."

Dale Jones

"This program is great because it does not assume that you already know something. It is user friendly and gives actual demonstrations of finger placement on the fret board. I highly recommend it."

Addison Melba of TX

"Great experience for my daughter. She’s learning faster than I could have imagined!"

Nick Vazquez of Holtsville, NY

"My problem is to create a routine to site at my computer and work....other than that I like the instruction. I go back and forth between learning chords and learning the notes."

Rick Simmons of Kileen, TX

"Love the material and supplemental knowledge provided in addition to just 'chord' how to. I feel I am receiving a thorough training with the eMedia Guitar Method. Thank you!"

David Bair of Grass Valley, CA

"I love the sound demos & info bits."

Gina Bull of Hallsville, TX

"I have upgraded my eMedia Guitar Method to this version (v5), and it is a lot better than the previous edition. Much better."

Rich Howard of Chiloquin, OR

"This software far exceeded my expectations. I am enjoying and learning loads!"

Scott Tyler of Ticonderoga, NY

"It got me interested immediately. After only a few chapters I ordered the Intermediate course to have it ready."

Gary Harvey of Miami, FL

"Seems to be a good program. I like the ease of use. Learning the guitar is hard enough without figuring out the computer program on top of it."

Glenn Main of Lynn, MA

"Great tutorial for beginners!"

David Pennington of Raytown, MO

"Easy to understand and follow along. I have tried other tools similar to this one and could not understand it or follow it. Thank you for making this version. It’s perfect."

Marshall Sites of Boise, ID

"Easy to follow and understand."

Mark Franklin of Lincolton, NC

"I love using this software. I have tried other things besides actually getting lessons from a instructor, and this is very easy to use."

Derek Brassard of Joliet, IL

"I have learned more from eMedia guitar for $50 than a year’s worth of private lessons for a thousand $. Everything you need, except the guitar, is in here. Everything."

Mike Butcher of Lakewood, CO

"So far I am liking eMedia Guitar Method. I just like the fact that I can really just go at my own pace."

Scott Burnell of Austin, TX

"I had taken several lessons with different teachers, but they only wanted to teach music theory. I did not want to learn theory. I wanted to learn how to play, and this does it. I have told several people about eMedia and bought one for someone."

Dean Gillogly of Pocahontas, AR

"Great incremental learning and introduction to different technical aspects of playing. Like the breadth of songs learned."

Geoff of St. Paul, MN

"Very comprehensive and been very helpful when I needed to find something quickly. Specially I like the chord dictionary."

Raj Phillips of London, UK

"It’s been helping me out and not being so stressful where I can go at my own speed :)"

John Casto of San Juan, TX

"Great program. Guides you along and makes learning easy and at your own pace. Fantastic tools, tuner, metronome, chord dictionary and practice exercises make learning fun."

Richard Rodden of Lexington, SC

"This has really made it easy to learn. I am making good progress."

Jerry Keene of Grove, OK

"I’m still at the beginning of the course, but so far I really like it. It’s easy to understand and comes will many tools that help you along the way. It does take commitment so I try to study it about 4 times a week for about 20 minutes each time."

Cecilio Villalpando of Lawndale, CA

"Great lessons. I’ve stopped/started guitar about a dozen times in 20 years. I keep coming back to eMedia to get started again."

Les Mutersaugh of Lakebay, WA

"It’s awesome! I’ve been telling my friends about how easy it is."

Troy Smith of Dumas, TX

"It is a very thorough and helpful program that works well with my PC."

Larry Whitmore of Indianapolis, IN

"Very happy with the product. It has been very helpful in my learning to play the guitar. Highly recommend the product."

Terry Shrum of Roseburg, OR

"I am enjoying learning with Guitar Method. There are a variety of genres that I am interested in. Moves at a very friendly pace."

Matt of Eugene, OR

"Solid foundational training and a great reference I return to often. I find the navigation is easy to find what I need during ad-hoc searches. Besides the great content I also get a lot of use of the chord finder and metronome."

Kevin Eggers of Cumberland Furnace, TN

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