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eMedia Academic Sales Contact Form

Telephone: (888) 363-3424 x 102

Please note: eMedia consumer or retail product versions sold in stores and online only have a license for a single user, while educational licenses allow for use by multiple different students and can be licensed to include public display rights for classroom presentation use.

To receive academic pricing information, please check the boxes in the Quote column.
If you would like to request free trial software, use this form.

Product Name Quote
eMedia Bass Method
eMedia Guitar Method
eMedia Interactive Rock Guitar
eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method
eMedia Intermediate Piano and Keyboard Method
eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar
eMedia Masters of Rock Guitar
eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method
eMedia Singing Method
eMedia My Electric Guitar
eMedia My Guitar
eMedia My Piano
eMedia My Violin
Band in a Box
EarMaster Teacher
MagicScore Maestro
MagicScore Notation for MS Word
Mixcraft Recording Studio
Mixcraft Pro Studio
Music Theory Tutor School Edition
PowerTracks Pro Audio
SmartScore X Pro
eMedia Play Ukulele Pack
eMedia MIDI Keyboard

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Mac OS X 10.9  (Mavericks)
Mac OS X 10.8  (Mountain Lion)
Mac OS X 10.7  (Lion)
Mac OS X 10.6  (Snow Leopard)
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Software with Instruments
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Technology Dept budget
State block grant
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Title 9
Local foundation
Community organization
Private foundation
Corporate foundation
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How did you hear about us? *

Eligibility Documentation and Ordering Information **

To purchase software at the academic price, educators and students can contact the Education Sales Dept. (888) 363-3424 ext. 102 for eligibility verification. Orders from U.S. schools are shipped on net 30-day credit terms with an authorized purchase order number. Please send any vouchers or claims with your orders. Orders not accompanied by a purchase order must have a purchase order number and an authorized signature, or they must be paid by check or credit card.

Full-time, part-time teachers, and faculty members are eligible for academic pricing. Proof of Eligibility includes any of the following:

  • Photocopy of your faculty ID card
  • Letter from school on official letterhead

** If your school is ordering using a purchase order, eligibility documentation is not necessary.

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