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eMedia My Guitar Beginner Pack

3/4-size Acoustic Guitar + Win/Mac CD-ROM and DVD

$119.95 (USA only)
Gary the Guitar
It’s easy and fun to learn with Gary the Guitar!
Guitar for kids is easy and fun when you combine a great guitar for kids with award-winning guitar lesson software.

A Guitar for Kids That’s Easy to Play + Guitar Lesson Software Designed To Keep Kids Learning.

The eMedia My Guitar Beginner Pack is a great kids’ guitar package designed to get children started learning the basics of music in a fun way. It includes a 3/4-size or 1/2-size quality classical guitar with spruce top and rosewood fretboard. The included nylon strings are easy on the fingers of young players. It also includes the eMedia My Guitar software, which was designed to provide guitar lessons for kids that keep them engaged using interactive music games, videos, easy kids’ songs, animations, and special interactive music education technologies.

eMedia My Guitar features an animated character named Gary the Guitar, who guides children through 60 fun kids’ guitar lessons that are authored and demonstrated by professional guitarist and instructor Kevin Garry, Ph.D. It teaches how to tune the guitar, strum easy guitar chords, play kids’ songs, and more!

Bundle includes:

  • A Sequoia 3/4-size or 1/2-size nylon-string classical guitar for kids (also a great size for traveling).
  • The award-winning eMedia My Guitar software for Windows and Mac.
  • An eMedia My Guitar Bonus DVD, great for when a computer is not available.
  • Vital guitar accessories including a guitar strap, an extra set of strings, and a guitar pick.
  • A durable, nylon gig bag with straps and pocket.

Guitar lessons for kids have never been this fun and easy before, so start your child playing today!

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Item #: EG11131 (3/4-size)   UPC: 746290111315
Item #: EG08151B (1/2-size)   UPC: 746290081519